Bloomfield Hall School - School Rules


  1. There is no uniform in Reception class. However, children in this class are expected to be tidily dressed in clothes which do not impede their movement and play.
  2. In all other classes, children must come in prescribed uniform and should look tidy and smart when coming to school. Those not in uniform are not allowed to attend on that day and parents are asked to collect the pupil.
  3. All pupils must leave the school premises at the end of the school day wearing full and correct uniform.
  4. Jewellery is strictly prohibited – except for simple studs or rings in girls’ ears.
  5. For the convenience of parents, the school recommends shops where ready-made school uniform is available. However, parents are welcome to purchase the school uniform from any shop of their choice or to get it tailored.
  6. The school is not responsible for matters concerning the provision of the uniform.
    All items of school uniform must be labeled with the child’s name.
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