Bloomfield Hall School - School Rules

Parent School Contact

At least once a month, an Open Day is arranged for potential parents to visit the school to meet the teaching staff.

At the end of each quarter, parents are invited to attend a parent-teacher conference to discuss their child’s progress and to receive a written report.

For any query or complaint, parents are advised to make an appointment to meet teachers/Heads. They may do so by speaking to the receptionist or admin office.

Teachers and parents may communicate with each other through the school diary.

To keep our parents up to date with the various events and achievements of the school, the school newsletter is produced every quarter with all the branch’s relevant updates.

Parents are invited to attend a number of events during the year as members of the audience, which is also an informal way of meeting with the school staff.

Prize Distributions
School Concerts
Speech Competitions
Music Evenings

The School Magazine is centrally produced and encompasses the latest news of all BHS branches nationwide, which is distributed to our parents.

Parents can login to our BHS mobile App, enabling them to view their child(ren)’s attendance, exam and test results as well the fee status.

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