Centrally located campuses

Most campuses are purpose-built.

Strict security arrangements

as prescribed by the government

Air conditioned classrooms

In addition to the classrooms, libraries, labs, offices, common rooms are all air conditioned.

Back-up generators or solar panels

In case of electricity failure – load shedding – the schools rely on generators or the solar installation to generate electric power.

State of the art computer and science labs

Computer and science labs are used by Class 1 to O level.

Smart boards with internet access and audio-visual resources


All students from Class 1 to O level use the school library.

Sport facilities

As most campuses are purpose-built, sufficient space is allocated for students to play games.

Activity rooms

These are specially designed for students in the Junior School.

Swimming pools

50% of the campuses have swimming facilities.

Online Learning

Bloomfield Hall is officially a Microsoft Teams School.

Parents Mobile App


Children from Class 1 and above are allowed access to the cafeteria. Pre-schoolers are expected to bring lunch boxes from home.