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Campus Facilities

Centrally located campuses

Our specifically designed campuses provide an excellent setting for students to excel in both their academic and social pursuits. Each classroom, library, laboratory, office, and common area is fully air-conditioned. Explore our campus facilities for a conducive environment that supports academic and social growth.

Centrally located campuses
State of the art computer and science labs

State of the art computer and science labs

Our campus facilities include well-equipped computer and science labs with the latest technologies, offering students a structured learning atmosphere and a hands-on, experiential approach. These labs serve as spaces for students to experiment, cultivate ideas, and explore the world around them. Explore our campus facilities for enriching learning experiences.

Smart boards with internet access and audio-visual resources

Embracing the digital era, we provide students with interactive audio-visual materials that align with the academic curriculum. WiFi access is available in all our offices and computer labs. Explore the practical features of our campus facilities, enhancing the learning environment with modern resources.

Smart boards with internet access and audio-visual resources


Within our campus facilities, we recognize the significance of school libraries in supporting our children’s education. These spaces offer a wide range of reading materials and serve as quiet zones for students to study or unwind. Our libraries also empower students to choose their reading materials independently, promoting a culture of reading for pleasure. Explore our campus facilities to create an environment that enhances learning and relaxation.

Sports facilities

Our spacious grounds allow our students to hone their athletic skills. Not only do sports activities allow children to enhance their physical strength, they also help children to develop social and problem-solving skills, allowing them to build their characters and confidence via teamwork. Studies have shown that improved physical activity improves mental health, and therefore enhances academic performance.

sport facilities campus facilities
swimming pool campus facility

Swimming Pools

Our on-campus facilities offer students, starting from the Reception Class, the chance to acquire the essential skill of swimming in a secure and hygienic environment. Qualified swimming instructors guide the learning process. Explore our campus facilities to enhance life skills through swimming education.

Activity rooms

These rooms are for our Pre-School and Junior School students, designed specifically to inspire young and inquisitive minds by providing a colourful environment, and stimulating activities with a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) learning approach. Play-based learning in these age groups is critical for the development of children’s language, social-emotional and cognitive skills. In these activity rooms, our children create art, sing, read and play games, allowing them to develop their imagination and creativity.

activity room campus facility
online learning campus facility

Online Learning

Bloomfield Hall is officially designated as a Microsoft Teams school. Our digital learning platforms facilitate effective communication between students and teachers, providing easy access to educational materials. Our commitment to online learning ensures uninterrupted education, addressing unforeseen circumstances such as the Covid pandemic, floods, smog, political unrest, and more. Discover our campus facilities that support a smooth and continuous learning experience.

Security arrangements

Students’ safety is our priority. With CCTV cameras, and other government prescribed safety measures, we ensure your child’s security and welfare.

security learning
Back-up generators or solar panels campus facilities

Back-up generators or solar panels

In case of electricity failures, the schools rely on generators or solar panel installations. Many of our schools are now fully reliant on solar energy, in line with our ethos on sustainability and our fight against climate change.


Children from Class 1 and above are allowed access to the school cafeteria, while pre-schoolers are expected to bring lunch boxes from home.

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