Bloomfield Hall School - Extracurricular

International & National Trips

Trips combine recreational and educational aims. Three types of trips are organized.

International & National Trips

One-day trips

These trips are to destinations within a 100 km radius of the school

International & National Trips

Overnight stay trips

These are within the country. We encourage our students to get to know their country by traversing its vast beauty and encountering local cultures and cuisines, with ski trips to Kalabagh, and hiking and camping in Hunza.

Overseas Trips

Our students have visited the UK, the US, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Dubai and Azerbaijan. We believe it is of utmost importance that our students gain a global perspective, to expand their horizons by encountering cultures outside of Pakistan. Travelling abroad opens us up to new ways of living and fosters tolerance and respect for other people’s lifestyles, cultures and beliefs.

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