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Message from Chairman Executive Board

Nadeem Qasir


A school is much more than a medium through which academic training takes place. All educated parents (with time on their hands) can do this quite effectively at home without sending children to school. School is not merely a teaching academy!
A good school provides opportunities that a single household cannot. It enables students to socially interact, teaching them the rules of interaction when they venture out in the real world – enabling them to live in a civil society. It teaches them tolerance in face of opposition or even provocation, to agree to disagree, to have a democratic perspective, to observe social etiquettes such as forming queues and waiting for one’s turn, to be disciplined, to acquire success through diligence and hard work.
School is a microcosm of society at large: it prepares us for entry into adulthood equipped with skills to cope with the challenges of adult life and to turn setbacks into triumphs! School is NOT simply an academy to prepare children for exams!


Message from Founder Member

A. L. Williams


Bloomfield Hall aims to equip its pupils with the tools they need to participate successfully in the 21st century – robust mathematical and scientific knowledge, a competent and confident command of languages and the furtherance of students’ creative and sporting skills. To nurture the spirit of critical enquiry is also its aim, as the basis of scientific and cultural progress.
A good school removes blinkers and opens up the world for its pupils, whilst also teaching respect for traditional values, and consideration for others’ feelings and beliefs. Pupils are led to an awareness of poverty and injustice, to develop a sense of fairness, tolerance and goodwill, and to attain good examination results at the same time.
This was the philosophy behind the establishment of Bloomfield Hall in 1984 and remains our motivating force today.

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