Bloomfield Hall School - Extracurricular

Student Activities

The House System

Students are assigned a House, each House having its own House Master/Mistress. Major inter-House competitions are held each term in both academics and sports. Our House systems provide our children with a sense of belonging and loyalty to their House, whilst also promoting healthy competition between peer groups.


Participation in sports at the school is compulsory for all able-bodied students. Our purpose built campuses have spacious grounds that allow our students to hone their athletic skills. Swimming lessons in our on-campus swimming pools are a favourite among our students!  Not only do sports activities allow children to enhance their physical strength, they also help children to develop social and problem-solving skills, allowing them to build their characters and confidence via teamwork. Studies have shown that improved physical activity improves mental health, and therefore enhances academic performance.



The Drama Department at Bloomfield Hall Schools is a thriving, popular activity amongst our students (Class 6 and above). This is a place where children are able to build their confidence, develop empathy and creativity and improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.Our branches hold their Annual Play every year to showcase their young talent.

Some of our productions have included plays in English and Urdu such as Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Macbeth, The Treasure Seekers, The Jollies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Heer Ranja, etc.


Music plays an integral role in our school as we look at it as a means to enhance the overall learning experience. From school choirs, to music lessons, to after-school clubs, our students are exposed to music at every step of the way during their educational experience at Bloomfield Hall School.

Music lessons at our school have been seen to boost the self-esteem of even our most shy students. Not only does music provide a healthy outlet for stress but also positively impacts a student’s academic performance.

Debates and public speaking

The Debates Society is a strong hub of activity at Bloomfield Hall Schools. Our students are coached by top debate coaches who develop their skills in public speaking, note taking, information retention, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration. 

Through debates, our senior students are able to open their minds to different ideas, look at all sides of an argument, think through them logically and present them clearly and confidently. They also gain broad knowledge on a number of different areas outside their usual academic subjects. 

Even our little ones are encouraged in public speaking and are given the opportunity at several internal and external events to speak confidently and compellingly in front of audiences.


Yoga has recently become very popular at Bloomfield Hall Schools, particularly for our younger students. Breathing and stretching exercises before the school day starts and at midday, when concentration levels begin to fall, have significantly improved our students’ focus, energy levels, emotional well-being and ability to absorb and retain new information.

Student Activities

After-School Clubs

The school offers a range of club activities including chess, choral music, karate, drama, art & craft, kathak, ballet, cooking and science. These After-School clubs offer our children a respite from their academic life, and provide a holistic approach to learning new skills and crafts. Moreover, these activities allow our students to develop social skills, providing them with more time to bond with their classmates.

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