BHS organizes two types of training for its staff members

  • In-service Teacher Training
  • Training by External Trainers

a) In-service Teacher Training (INSET)

INSET is conducted in the following areas:
Teacher’s Academic Responsibilities
Some major aspects included in this category are

  • Student-Teacher interaction
  • Parent/Teacher interaction
  • Lesson planning
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Exam paper marking

Teacher’s Classroom/Administrative Responsibilities

  • Discipline
  • Class control
  • Regular upkeep of Work Registers, Grade Registers, Report Cards
  • Classroom resource management
  • Classroom environment

Subject Training
Training is conducted by BHS subject specialists in all subjects offered at all levels.

Reinforcement Plan

  • Remedial lessons (aims, objectives and content)
  • Remedial worksheets

b) Training by External Trainers

Training conducted in Pakistan
Trainers organized by Cambridge University, University of London (Edexcel) and British Council
Training Overseas
BHS staff has attended training sessions in the UK, Singapore, Greece, Sri Lanka & Malaysia