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Social Responsibility

Bloomfield Hall is a private school for privileged children. It is therefore our responsibility to bring about awareness amongst our students of the suffering of others, and to take them out of their comfort zones to open their eyes to various forms of social inequalities and injustices. Moreover, we aim to inculcate a sense of community, solidarity and shared humanity amongst our students, and for them to understand that we are intertwined with our society and environment.

Over the decades, Bloomfield Hall has participated in many social awareness and fund raising projects.

Climate Change

Over the last few years, children from all over the world have been at the forefront of climate justice movements, as it is they who are to inherit the world ahead of them. Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country in the world to climate change, and the floods of 2022 have visibly demonstrated just how precarious the situation is for our country. Bloomfield Hall has ensured that our students are engaged with the climate crisis, via fundraising and donation drives for those most affected by the floods, but also by encouraging our students to look for long term sustainable solutions such as campaigning, spreading awareness, recycling, carpooling, taking fewer flights etc.

Climate Rallies

Bloomfield Hall School actively participates in rallies on climate change. In September 2019, our students and staff in Lahore joined other students and activists across the world in a march staged here by Climate Action Pakistan. Unfortunately owing to the Covid19 crisis, our students’ climate activism was halted for the last two years, but will now continue as before.


Bloomfield Hall also promotes recycling methods by collaborating with organisations such as the Aabroo Education & Welfare Organisation. Instead of rubbish ending up in a landfill to decay over centuries, or being burned to release toxic smoke and heat into the atmosphere, Bloomfield Hall sends its dry waste to be recycled.

Planting trees

Planting trees is a creative way to fight climate change. Special seminars and assembly presentations are held in Bloomfield Hall branches to raise awareness among students of the need to grow trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nation-wide campaigns are held for students in different cities to plant trees in coordination with others. For example, a project was launched in collaboration with the Cross Route Motorcycle Travellers Club of Pakistan. This group of motorcyclists started from Lahore and visited Bloomfield Hall schools up and down the country. At each school, the motorcyclists were welcomed by the students who planted trees in their school campuses.

Say No to Plastic

Students of many branches run the ‘Say NO to Plastic’ awareness campaign. In many schools the use of plastic has been entirely eliminated, with zero use of plastic water bottles, plastic cups and plates etc. Our branches provide water dispensers and tanks of clean and purified water, where we encourage our students and staff to fill their reusable water bottles. We have also produced and designed our own canvas tote bags, that children and staff are encouraged to use both inside the school and out.


Bloomfield Hall students and staff organise fundraising events for various organisations in times of domestic and international crises. Relief for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and droughts, is one aspect of Bloomfield Hall’s fundraising activities. Other than this, fundraising is conducted for humanitarian organizations working in Pakistan. Internationally, funds have been raised in the past for the victims of violence in Bosnia, Kosovo and Myanmar. In the following we list some of the organisations for which Bloomfield Hall students and staff have engaged in fundraising activities.

Flood Relief

For the devastating floods of 2022, our school raised more than 5 million rupees
(Rs. 5,334,796) – collaborating with charities such as:

· Akhuwat Foundation
· Al Khidmat Foundation
· Army Relief Fund
· Rotary Club Faisalabad
· Sahara For Life Trust
· Vaseela e Raah

Other Charities

Below is just a number of the charities and organisations that Bloomfield Hall has donated to over the years.

.Human Relief Foundation
.Sahara Foundation
.Shaukat Khanam Hospital
.Aabroo Education & Welfare Organization
.Hope Uplift Foundation
.Rising Sun Institute For Special Children SOS Village
.Fatimid Foundation
.Alif Laila Book Bus Society
.Sundas Foundation

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