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Musical nights and concerts with renowned Pakistani artists have been part of our extra-curriculars from the very beginning. We are proud that oftentimes it’s our senior students that make up the management team and take over the organisation of such big events that take place on school premises. Our students have shown themselves to be capable of leading, collaborating and managing extremely successful concerts


During the year, poetry recitation, handwriting, essay, art and singing competitions are also held that allow for a range of areas in which students can discover and hone different skills. Competitions equip our students with the confidence they require for the future, as they get to polish and sharpen their talents. We promote healthy competition amongst our students, and encourage them to do their best to win, whilst also teaching them to lose graciously and accept and celebrate others’ successes.

Inter and intra school declamation/speech contests

Junior and senior level bilingual declamation and speech competitions are held every year across our branches. Topics are carefully chosen and prompt contestants to research, reflect on and discuss prevalent matters, both local and around the world.

Photography Competitions

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we started organising photography competitions that have continued to be popular among our senior students (Class 7 to A Level). These days, we hold this competition during the summer holidays which gives our students something creative and fun to do while they’re off from school. Through these competitions they begin to explore their surroundings and notice and capture aspects of life they otherwise may not consider. Our themes tend to be broad enough to allow our students to interpret them in unique and imaginative ways.

Take a look at the fantastic photographs taken by the winners of 2022 competition from Class 8, who explored the theme of ‘Youth’

1st Prize Ghulam Fatima – New Multan Branch
2nd Prize Dayyan Atif – Gulberg Branch, Lahore
3rd Prize Zara Saeed – New Multan Branch

Sport Tournaments

Sports tournaments are some of the most exciting events of the year for our schools! The preparation and management that goes into them (mostly by our students) are particularly noteworthy. Teams from other schools and other Bloomfield Hall branches are invited to take part in multiple days of tournaments including but not limited to football, chess, tug of war, video games, table tennis, volleyball and badminton. Some of our major events include Sports Fest, J.T Arena and Olympiad

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