Planting trees
Planting trees is a creative way to fight climate change. Special seminars and assembly presentations are held in Bloomfield Hall branches to raise awareness among students of the need to grow trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Our children are actively engaged in tree planting. Nation-wide campaigns are held for students in different cities to plant trees in coordination with others. For example, a project was launched in collaboration with the Cross Route Motorcycle Travellers Club of Pakistan. This group of motorcyclists started from Lahore and visited Bloomfield Hall schools up and down the country. At each school, the motorcyclists were welcomed by the students who planted trees in their school campuses.
Bloomfield Hall also promotes recycling methods by collaborating with organisations such as the Aabroo Education & Welfare Organisation. Instead of rubbish ending up in a landfill to decay over centuries, or being burned to release toxic smoke and heat into the atmosphere, Bloomfield Hall sends its dry waste to be recycled.
Climate Rallies
Bloomfield Hall School actively participates in rallies on climate change. In September 2019, our students and staff in Lahore joined other students and activists across the world in a march staged
here by Climate Action Pakistan.