The Bloomfield Hall Development and Planning Unit is engaged in writing, compiling and publishing text books for its students. These publications are produced specifically for those areas of study where the existing textbooks in the market have been found to be inadequate.
The following books have already been published and are available in bookshops.


My English Book Pre-School 1
My Handwriting Pre School 2
My English Book Pre School 2
My English Book Pre School 3
My Handwriting Pre School 3
My English Junior 1
My English Junior 2
My English Junior 3
Language Skill Book 1
Language Skill Book 2
Reported Speech


My Number Book Pre School 1
My Number Book Pre School 2
My Number Book Pre School 3


Introductory Unit a
Introductory Unit b
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4 & 5
Unit 6A & 6B
Unit 7A & 7B
Unit 8
Reader 1
Reader 2
Reader 2B
Reader 2C
Reader 3
Reader 3B
Reader 3C
Reader 4
Reader 5
Stories from America
Stories from Far East
Stories from Europe
Stories from Africa
'O'Level Urdu-Nai Zaviay Book1
'O'Level Urdu-Nai Zaviay Book 2


Story of Qasim
Journey to Medina
Story of Haj
Qasim’s Project
Advent of Islam
Islamic Calendar
Stories of the Prophets
Five Pillars of Islam
The Four Caliphs
Visitors from Abroad
Qasim's Homework
Morals and Manners
Ayat & Ahadis
Thought & Practice


My Computer Studies Book 1
My Computer Studies Book 2


Pakistan Studies (OUP Publication)
Short Essays in Modern History
Modern World History

Art & Craft

My Art & Craft Pre School 1
My Art & Craft Pre School 2
My Art & Craft Pre School 3


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