Nadeem Qasir BSc(London) MSc(London)

Message from chairman executive board
The first step in learning is the development of an independent and open mind. The spirit of critical enquiry is the basis of scientific progress. The pursuit of knowledge requires a non-dogmatic approach. These fundamentals of education are not always politically or culturally acceptable even in the West; in the developing world, their acceptability sometimes verges on the impossible. Yet one must endeavour, and I feel in all modesty that Bloomfield Hall strives to make this endeavour."


A. L. Williams B.A (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
P.G.C.E (Sheffield)

Message from Founder Member
A school aims to equip its pupils with the tools they need to participate meaningfully in the 21st century - not only mathematical and scientific knowledge, and not only a confident command of languages, but also the ability to analyse, to think rationally, to be imaginative as well as questioning.
A good school removes blinkers and opens up the world for its pupils, whilst also teaching respect for traditional values, and consideration for others' feelings and beliefs. Pupils are led to an awareness of poverty and injustice, to develop a sense of fairness and goodwill, and to attain good examination results at the same time.
This was the philosophy behind the establishment of Bloomfield Hall in 1984 and remains our motivating force today."